Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stepping Forward..

Ok.. first of all, Alhamdulillah.. dengan izinNya, sy dapat jugak tamatkan my Civil Engineering study dekat 4 tahun di UTHM; officially graduate dlm Konvokesyen UTHM ke – 15 (4/10/2015).. and.. suppose sy share my experience berkonvo, as I promised my family.. haha.. still in making, banyak benda kena tulis..

Sekarang sy share about my thoughts dulu; future plans..

So… Alhamdulillah again.. just on my second interview, I was accepted in one of design and renovation company di Sabah.. percubaan in 3 months; lets just see n hope I’ll do well.. haha.. n I’ll be starting..… tomorrow.. yes, at 9pm.. 5/11/2015..

Ok.. company yg sy bakal involved in ni is basically yg buat furniture utk office/rumah.. still, they got their engineering department in which is responsible utk ensure their product is good (usable and technically safe).. but since I am a newbie, probably sy akan masuk bhgn procurement.. still, they say because every1 is important (it is a quite small company), every1 will also involve in everything that goes around the company.. 

To be specific, this company is actually an interior design company and I hope to grow my interest in here.. haha.. sy sure interior design is also very much related to construction and architecture which I really looking forward as my career… huhuhu.. why? Yg tu I’ll tell next time I guess, when I really suits myself being a newbie in this real working environment.. heee..


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