Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FYP2 presentation.. [How does it feels?]

Final sem,
Final year,
Bye2 UTHM,
Jumpa Oktober..


alhamdulillah.. never thought that I'll come this far.. konon.. haha..

so how does it feel? selesai bentang FYP2.. is this the end? just this? sy sependapat dengan 1 of my most respected lecturers.. this is just the beginning..

Petikan FB post my lecturer..
ps: Font FB sy memang macam tu..
Pengalaman bentang? baru jap tadi SV PSM tanya tentang ni dekat group whatsapp.. how can I really summarize them into shorter words? Terrifying, Grateful, Sad, Happy, Feels easy, responsibility, etc..

Terrifying - It's just not me.. to comfortably speak in front of others..
Grateful - For the kind panel (whom I thought to be fierce; I even dreamt of answering his call, just to be scolded, bcoz my work is wrong..)
Sad - bcoz I think I can do better..
Happy - Bcoz I did it.. no matter how stuttered I am..
Feels easy - not really.. until the full bound report submission, I won't..
Responsibility - ok, there'll be no presentations anymore.. the panels won't know if we have corrected our report in accordance to what they'd told us.. but, I'm sure its my responsibility to correct them..

Regret? - eobseo yo~ there's nothing to.. bcoz there's many other things i need to think of.. and I believe each thing (good or bad) has its own benefits..

Mixed feeling.. anyway, its a good, great, satisfying experience..

* ini utk part "Feeling" sja.. if I'm free, will post more on the technical aspect.. rehat dulu..


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