Thursday, August 28, 2014

(Latihan Industri) Tamat~

ahahaha.. bukan.. bukan hari ni habis LI.. it's tomorrow..
now, I'm finalizing my presentation tools.. which is 1 of my fav. thing to do..
but still..don't really like presentation.. T-T
the question/title for this presentation (jap, tukar mode BM..)..
ttg apa yg sy blajar sepanjang LI ni..
a bit hard jugak..
sebab more than technical learning, sy lebih banyak belajar kemahiran insaniah rasanya..
their working enviro, attitude towards works, team work etc..
haha.. so how am I going to present it (technically)?

td ada 1 staf tanya.. if I regret being here..
tidak.. I don't.. becoz sy 80% resemble to David Archuleta (hik3),
mampu tengok everything in a +ve way,
so again.. there's nothing to be regret of..
opso yo~

now what am I doing here, instead of finishing my presentation tools.. bcoz I can talk (type) casually in here..
hahaha (eventhough its LOL, I shall keep a serious face in here), or they'll know I'm doing something else..

#gotta finish my long, jaa mata ne!~..


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